Our new web series "For YOur Entertainment" is launching on 12-12-12 at noon. check it out on our youtube channel.
During our film shoot yesterday, we were filming a sketch about a policeman coming in and breaking up a party. During our final take, right before our actor was supposed to knock on the door and break up the party, there was a knock @ the door. It was the actual police. Apparently one of the neighbors had called them. How Thick The Irony.

Everyone that grew up in the 80's and 90's probably remembers the movie "Back To The Future 2". And some of those people, like us, actually believed that we would really have the hoverboards they rode around on, but such a glorious and awesome invention isn't even on the radar + we are quickly approaching "The Future". WE WAN'T OUR HOVER-BOARDS!!!

It's about time that we take a stand and demand our hover-boards, or we may never see our beautiful dream realized.

Hover-Boarders UNITE!
We will be filming three seperate shorts on Sunday. So we will have videos to debut for the rest of this month. It is our goal to release a new video every week, and we will try our best to keep up coming an
We have been working hard to have new stuff to show you, and we promise to have a new video out this week.
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